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outer banks hardwood floor maintenanceImportance of Maintenance

Unlike most floor coverings, wood floors are a long term investment that, correctly maintained, will last a lifetime. Taking care of wood floors today requires little effort. The routine maintenance involves protecting the finish from scratches and moisture. If you can avoid both of these things you have a handle on most of your wood floor care.

While specific finishes may require different maintenance, some guidelines apply to the care of all wood floors:

  • Use floor protector pads on the bottom of all furniture legs
  • Place rugs at all entrances
  • Shake rugs out weekly
  • Routine basic maintenance includes sweeping, vacuuming and dust-mopping
  • Use the cleaning product recommended by the floor finish manufacturer


  • Wet mop
  • Use ammonia or vinegar
  • Use dust cleaner (Pledge)
  • Use any product that contains oil or wax (Murphy’s Oil Soap)
  • Use a steam cleaner

Wise Flooring offers maintenance packages to protect this investment.
In the past most commercial wood floors need a full sanding every 3 – 5 years. Until recently there was not an option to sanding and refinishing. We now recommend an alternative maintenance plan of deep cleaning, screening, and re-coating your wood floor every two years. The process works like this. We will deep clean your wood floors with our “Dirt Dragon” floor cleaning machine that is specially designed to remove all of the dirt, grime, and contaminates from your wood floor. We then do a light screening of the existing finish to remove any surface scratches. The screening is followed up by a top coat of two part commercial catalyzed polyurethane.

This process has many advantages over the old refinishing option:

  • Time savings – We can usually complete our work in one day and return your floor to service the following day.
  • Cost savings – at year 6 your savings would be 43% if you figure two refinishes vs. three deep clean, screen, and recoats. That works out to $3,400 on a 1000 square foot floor.
  • Floor life – unlike sanding, there is no limit to the number of times your floor can be cleaned, screened, and recoated.
  • Appearance – your floor will always look great.
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